The Most and Least Generous Zodiac Signs


Known for secrecy, Scorpios may not openly flaunt their wealth or treat others, but they may overspend privately


With a reputation for austerity, Capricorns are reluctant to give handouts, expecting others to work for what they get


Though social, Geminis may lack generosity, being more self-centered and egotistical, especially if they don't see personal gain


Materialistic Taurus indulges in luxury but only gives generously if they've satisfied their own desires and find the purchase rational


Leadership-oriented Aries prefers control and is unlikely to indulge others, even in small gestures like paying more than their share


Intellectually driven Aquarius may forget personal events but gives back in broader ways, often donating to causes they care about


Generous and showy, Leos enjoy sharing experiences and items, expecting nothing in return, as long as they're the center of attention


Fair and friendly Libras make time for loved ones and humanitarian work, giving without expecting anything in return


Adventurous and optimistic Sagittarians give generously, believing in the law of reciprocity, but not worrying about returns


Nurturing Cancerians notice and provide for others' needs, showing love through gestures like home-cooked meals and thoughtful gifts


Empathetic Pisceans sacrifice for those in need, sometimes to their own detriment, struggling with setting boundaries


Methodical Virgos drop everything to help a friend in need, sometimes neglecting their own well-being in the process