Zodiac Signs and Their Levels of Jealousy


Known for their intellectual prowess and grounded demeanor, Aquarians typically don't waste time on jealousy


Rather than feeling jealousy, Sagittarians are motivated by others' success to achieve their own goals


Their rose-colored outlook extends to relationships, where they rarely feel jealous and prefer to join conversations or offer assistance instead


Social butterflies, Geminis flit from one group to another, leaving little time for jealousy to take root. While they may not show jealousy, they appreciate sensible discussions and need convincing to become cheerleaders for others


They crave order and efficiency, leaving little room for irrational emotions like jealousy in their worldview


With unwavering self-belief, Aries are too focused on blazing their own trails to worry about others' accomplishments


Libras may experience jealousy in romantic relationships, especially when comparing themselves to other couples


Materialistic Taurus can become jealous if others have more wealth or possessions. They may exhibit possessive behavior, especially when it comes to their belongings or relationships


Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns can become envious of others' material success. They may feel jealous of those with better jobs or higher incomes, driven by a desire for status and recognition


Emotional security is paramount for Cancer, leading to jealousy if they sense any form of rejection or disloyalty


Leo's desire for admiration and adoration can lead to jealousy when they feel overshadowed


Scorpios hide their jealousy beneath a mysterious exterior, often stemming from a desire for intimacy and trust